Activate Windows 7 Professional without Product Key 2020

Windows 7 is one of the impressive, extensive, smooth, and comfortable operating system by Microsoft. It has a delighted set of features, unique Windows operations, a productive environment, and a user-friendly interface. Windows 7 is code in safe, trusty, secure, and fast methods. Activate Windows 7 Professional without Product Key from the given method.

It working exists in personal computers, office desktop, educationists, students, bankers, teachers, and developers. The operating system known as coolest, resemble, superior, and more technical over Windows XP.

How to Activate Windows 7 Professional without Product Key for free?

  1. First, visit this Click
  2. Second, copy and paste above into the new text document
  3. Third, choose “Save As” to save the batch file and name “1click.cmd.’
  4. Now, run the batch file as Administrator
  5. You can see the result


Activate Windows 7 Professional without Product Key 2020

Windows 7 has six different versions, i.e., Premium, Ultimate, Home Basic, Professional, Enterprise, and Premium. The operating system is highly demanded after so many years. It offers many options for updates. Windows 7 is supported with all firewalls options. HD graphics plays the games and High Definition videos with satisfied status.

Windows 7 is still demanded in 2020 because of durability and flexibility. This operating system is cool minded technology. Windows 7 is available in the market at cost from 55-125$. How to Activate Windows 7 Professional without Product Key read the above method.

Even Though Windows 7 is a 7-year old operating system. But, it still in demand. Windows 7 interface, workability, and smoothness makes it’s impressive and adoptive. The elegant interface always welcomes all new Window user with ease. The novice internet mostly faces Windows usability problems. Windows 7 is so simple and straightforward for all those.

Windows 7 Editions

  • Windows 7 Home Basic
  • Windows 7 Premium
  • Windows 7 Starter
  • Windows 7 Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Windows 7 Enterprise

Windows 7 Features


Windows 7 has support for extended themes. Besides, it provides options to customize colors, ideas, and other aspects of the user interface. They are packed with all introduced .themepack, which is most excellent. The theme pack consists of desktop icons, preferences, mouse cursors, and sound management. The theme extension provides via RSS feeds by the Windows RSS Platform.

2. Start menu

The start orb is now has a fade-in highlight effect. Whenever hovers go to the mouse cursor, it works. The Start Menu has the right column with Aero Glass Color. Windows 7 start menu retains with two-column layouts of its precessors with multiple functional changes.

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3. Desktop Slideshow

Windows 7 comes with a great introduction to the desktop slideshow feature. It can makes changes to the desktop transitions with all customization. The development can be customized through the Windows registry. This feature supports local images and images obtained via RSS.


Windows 7 Taskbar is the most significant revision of Windows 95. It combines the previous Quick Launch functionality with open application windows icons. It is up to 10 pixels taller than in Windows Vista to accommodate the touch screen. It also maintains proportion to newer high-resolution monitor modes.

5.Task progress

Progress bar in taskbars offers users to know the progress of the task without switching to the pending window. Task progress is always used in Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer, and third-party programs.

Highlighted Key Features

  • Application/Device Compatibility
  • Windows XP Mode
  • Networking (HomeGroup and
  • Domain Join)
  • Action Center and Diagnostics
  • Remote Desktop Host
  • Windows Desktop Search
  • Location-Aware Printing
  • Windows Desktop Search
  • Windows Defender
  • Encrypting File System
  • Previous Versions
  • Advanced Backup and Restore

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