Cafe Manila Free Download Cyber Cafe Management Software

Cafe Manila is a popular cyberspace business management software with online and offline setup. It is supported to both Windows 32-64 bit.

If you are looking to connect with an online internet business or already running a cyber cafe, Cafe Manila is an excellent program that can be used as Cyber Cafe Management. By deploying the right software on your net cafe.

It can make significant changes in your revenue over the night. Cafe Manila works as a monitor and administrator in your net cafe. The application is popular over internet cybercafe or game cafe management software in the country Philippines.

The application keeps an eye time on a guest that are using the system. Cafe Manila comes with two different versions Client and Server. The client app can be installed on your user computer system. It works in the background and cab be ON and OFF from the server.

Some adorable features are like Computer Control, Account Management, Employee Reports, Employee Login, User Search, Schedular, Basi Pricing, Prepaid Tickets, Auto-Start, Block Drive Access, Auto-Lock, etc.

Cafe Manila Free Download from the Publisher website: √ Download

Cafe Manila Free Download Cyber Cafe Management Software

Key Features of Cafe Manila Cyber Cafe Management Software

  • Security
  • Restrictions
  • User Accounts
  • Application Terminator
  • Block File Downloading

System Requirements for Cafe Manila Software

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 200 MB free space in hard disk
  • Pentium 4 Processor

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Cafe Manila Free Download Review;

Cafe Manila is a well maintained and professional software to cover all of the daily administrative needs in your internet cafe, gaming cafe, and a cybercafe. The program is easy, smooth, and quick with all tremendous looking interface.

It gives the ultimate management system that saves your money and efforts. Cafe Manila is helpful in internet cafe owners to manage all business on daily-basis. It helps hundred of cybercafe employees every day to be more productive and deliver reliable computer usage reports.

An Internet cafe can be a useful business if you use the proper monitoring software solutions and obtain targeted maximum profit for every PC in your cafe, shop, and mall.

Cafe Manila is an application that ables you to monitor and manage the computers in a cybercafe and keeps track of the time spent by the guests using the central system.

The program is delivered with a quick server and client version. The client is installed on the guest computers and runs in the background. This offers you to turn On or OFF via the Cafe Manila user interface.

Once a guest occupies a PC, you may create a postpaid or prepaid login. The postpaid option ables the occupant to use the computer as much as the user wants. It also calculates the total payments at the end. While the prepaid set a fixed time limit from the moment the guest starts using.

Cafe Manila comes with all the abilities to schedule client appointments and displays a plan for each day. This also ables you to set up meetings and keeps individual computers among specific hours, in case you have recurring clients.

The reports can include all the employees working in the internet cafe, and you can choose specific ones. Reports can be generated to view various logs and statistics. You can choose between computer usage and printer logs, cash reports, custom periods for each one.


Cafe Manila is a complete solution for cyber cafe management. It comes with extensive features and powerful control capabilities. The user interface is quick, easy to use and manage functions. The tabbed interface is smooth for all type of beginners and experienced users.

What’s Updated in Cafe Manila?

  • User account won’t auto-logging upon server restart
  • Clint hang problem is solved with no long time
  • User game profile features have been upgraded
  • Users file will become sents quickly to clients PC upon the first logon
  • Old related and minor bugs are completely removed

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