DMCA Stands for (Digital Millenium Copy Right Act). DMCA is one of the Act of 1998 United States Copyright Law. It was first imposing two 1996 treaties of the World Intellectual Property Organization. DMCA works against the criminalization production, services, devices, circumvents, dissemination of technology and measures that controls access to copyright works.

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More on, given elements could be included in your copyright infringement claim:

1. You must provide complete evidence of that, and you are the only owner with all exclusive rights that allegedly infringed.
2. You have to provide sufficient contact information along with all trust. You must a valid and actual developer.
3. You must identify all the copyright defragmented work while claiming. Including, hosting, email, and domain ownership prove.
4. A statement will be required that the complaining party has a reasonable belief and proof of their aligned material.
5. It must be signed by the owner with all exclusive copyrights.

Note: Most of the time, after removing post/link/content completely, we’ll be responding with all action results and apologize for the state.